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Schuessler cell salt No. 3. Iron phoshate D6, 80 pieces

For information on risks and side effects read the package leaflet or ask your doctor or pharmacist!
-29% Schuessler cell salt No. 3. Iron phoshate D6, 80 pieces

Manufacturer: DHU-Arzneimittel GmbH.

Unit price: 16 Ft / pcs

Registration no.: OGYI-HGAL-553D6.

Art. no.: 12908

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1 299 Ft (1 237 Ft + 5% VAT)
Old price: 1 837 Ft
Main use: fever, cold, inflammations. The cell salt Iron phosphate is a good idea always when an inflammation process is fresh. This is the case for fresh injuries, but also in the first phase of an infective illnesses or inflammations of the internal organs, as for example gastritis.Typically for Iron phosphate is a quick beginning, a certain redness, swell and pain. After bleeding Iron phosphate can help to rebuild new blood. In most cases the diseases that fit for Iron phosphate are very acute und often serious. Therefore it is important to see a doctor if such health problems occur. For example, you can treat a harmless cold by yourself, but if one suddenly gets high fever and does not know why, one should visit a doctor. As Iron phosphate is very good to treat injuries this cell salt is often used as a cream for external uses. You can use the cream or balm against light sports injuries and leisure injuries. In former times the chemical substance Iron phosphate was used as blue colouring in the art. The board painting in the Middle Ages used Iron phosphate often as a so-called iron blue.