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Schuessler cell salt No. 12. Calcium sulphate D6, 1000 pieces

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-29% Schuessler cell salt No. 12. Calcium sulphate D6, 1000 pieces

Manufacturer: DHU-Arzneimittel GmbH.

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Art. no.: 12907

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Calcium sulphate is the cell salt of the joints and the cartilage. Also liver and bile can be strengthened by calcium sulphate. Main uses: arthrosis, pus, rheumatism.In respect with the connection to the joints one can use calcium sulphate against arthrosis and rheumatic arthritis. Another typical operational area of calcium sulphate is his ability to relieve suppurating processes. Calcium sulphate suitable remedy is thereby against suppurating angina, sinusitis and suppurating bronchitis. Also against boil and other abscesses one can use calcium sulphate. The effect against boil is strengthened by the use of calcium sulphate as an ointment. Calcium sulphate is the last of the basic cell salts in Europe but in America it has the number three. Therefore the european and american numbers are different.