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Schuessler cell salt No. 1. Calcium flouride D6, 80 pieces

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-29% Schuessler cell salt No. 1. Calcium flouride D6, 80 pieces

Manufacturer: DHU-Arzneimittel GmbH.

Unit price: 16 Ft / pcs

Registration no.: OGYI-HGAL-550D6.

Art. no.: 12905

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1 299 Ft (1 237 Ft + 5% VAT)
Old price: 1 837 Ft
The cell salt Calcium fluoride is, primarily, a salt of the connective tissue. Also the bones and parts of the skin and blood vessels belong to the connective, which is why Calcium fluoride can be used for all problems of these tissues.As a rule of thumb one can think of Calcium fluoride always then when it is about the elasticity of the tissue. Everywhere where tissue hardens, one can check whether Calcium fluoride is suitable. One can take Calcium fluoride internally and apply in addition as an ointment. As a mineral is known Calcium fluoride as a fluorspar. In the nature fluorspar seems mostly dirtied and, hence, colorfully. Typically the colours are green, yellow, blue and violet for fluorspar.