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Curiosa Wound Care Gel 15 g

Curiosa Wound Care Gel 15 g

Manufacturer: Richter Gedeon Nyrt.

Unit price: 119 Ft / gramm

Registration no.: OGYI T-5239/01.

Art. no.: 42815

Delivery time: 5 day(s)

Gross retail price:

1 778 Ft (1 400 Ft + 27% VAT)
Curiosa Wound Care Gel is for the treatment of minor household injuries such as grazes, cuts, scratches and 1st and 2nd degree burns, as well as sunburn, Its state-of-the-art ingredients accelerate the healing process and prevents infection. Curiosa is a crystal-clear gel, free of colourings and aromas. It can be applied directly to the injured area, and does not sting, but gently soothes and cools the skin.