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Walmark Degasin Capsules, 32 pieces

-18% Walmark Degasin Capsules, 32 pieces

Manufacturer: Walmark a.s.

Unit price: 56 Ft / pcs

Art. no.: 156080

Delivery time: 5 day(s)

Gross retail price:

1 799 Ft (1 417 Ft + 27% VAT)
Old price: 2 191 Ft
Soothes and prevents bloating and flatulence.Degasin is a medical device that improves intestinal and abdominal comfort in people affected by gastrointestinal problems linked to gas formation: bloating, flatulence and abdominal tension. Degasin contains an active ingredient, simethicone. Simethicone is scientifically proven to act by reducing the surface tension of air bubbles present in the gastrointestinal tract and causing them to coalesce, thus helping to reduce gas and gas tension through its dispersion. Simeticone is neither asorbed nor metabolized by the organism; it is eliminated without any change in the faeces.