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Neogranormon Epithelizing Ointment, 100, g

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-21% Neogranormon Epithelizing Ointment, 100, g

Manufacturer: Teva Magyarország Kft.

Unit price: 25 Ft / gramm

Registration no.: OGYI-T-853/01-03

Art. no.: 32679

Delivery time: 5 day(s)

Gross retail price:

2 450 Ft (2 333 Ft + 5% VAT)
Old price: 3 112 Ft
Skin regeneration promoting effect due to increased resistance of the skin against infection, promote epithelial healing. Suitable for superficial skin injuries, burns (rubbed nose, bruises), mild burns epithelizing and diaper dermatitis and cracked nipples during breastfeeding management.