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Schuessler cell salt No. 11. Silica, 80 pieces

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-29% Schuessler cell salt No. 11. Silica, 80 pieces

Manufacturer: DHU-Arzneimittel GmbH.

Registration no.: OGYI-HGAL-561D6.

Art. no.: 12916

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Silica is the cell salt of the skin, the hair, the nails and the connective tissue. One can use Silica to strengthen the hair, and to get a nice, elastic skin. Main uses: connective tissue weakness, arteriosclerosis, defensive weakness. Also for the prevention of cellulites and stretch marks Silica is suited. As well as it promotes the state of the skin, Silica can also start to the strengthening of the fabric inside of the body. Against varicose veins, haemorrhoids and arteriosclerosis one can take Silica. Externally one can apply Silica as an ointment against wrinkles, orange skin, stretch marks, but also against hematoms.