When ordering above 15 000 HUF - and under 5 Kg - delivery is for free!

Delivery and payment policy

Your order can also be picked up at any of the following MOL gas stations: (list of MOL pick-up locations)
Shipment takes place via postal pick-up within 5-6 business days from the date of placing the order.
The purchased items and the shipment expenses will have to be paid for at the time of delivery, unless payment was made previously by bank card. If payment is not made by bank card, cash payment is necessary. Shipping is by the Hungarian Postal Service ZRt. MPL messenger service.
The postal pick up expenses are listed below by weight:
       0 –   2 lb                     950 HUF
   2 lb – 11 lb                  1090 HUF
 11 lb – 22 lb                  1190 HUF
 22 lb – 33 lb                  1375 HUF
The above shipment expenses are only valid within Hungary, in case shipment to abroad is required all expenses need to be paid in advance.
If the value of the order is between 5001-10000 HUF, the cost of shipment is 450 HUF, provided that the weight of the package is less than 2 lb.
The individual weight of items is listed at their description.
Picking up books could also take place in person at the following address:
"Gyogyhir Pharmacy"
1086 Budapest, Teleki tér 5.
Monday-Friday:   7 - 18 h
Saturday:            7 - 14 h
In case pick-up takes place in person, prior arrangements will have to be made by calling the phone number listed below: 
06 (1) 3131-61406 (1) 3131-614 or 06 (20) 666-770006 (20) 666-7700
The legal rights to cancel the purchase agreement is descriebed in government regulation 17/1999. (II.5).

Shipping abroad from Hungary


If it’s needed, we cansend the items from the www.gyogyline.hu webshop abroad as well.

We can begin preparing your order to be sent as soon as we receive the sum of the products and the shipping fee.


The shipping fee depends on the weight of the package and on the distance.

For example: shipping a 1000 gram package from Hungary to Great Britain or Romania costs approximately 9,000 HUF. 

International shipping fees within Europe

(For information purposes only)


Weight             Fee

0-1 kg               9,000 HUF

1-5 kg             11,000 HUF

5-10 kg           12,500 HUF


Please ask for your real shipping fee here: gyogyline@gyogyline.hu

For any package the maximum weight can be only 10kg.


Information on the international bank transfer:


Our name: Gyogyhir Patika (Forceps Kft.)

Our address: 1086 Budapest, Teleki ter 5.


The name of our bank: K&H Bank Zrt.


IBAN: HU45-1040-2733-5052-6789-7486-1002

The addressof our bank: 1095 Budapest, Lechner Odon fasor 9.


Thank you for purchasing from our webshop!

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