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Bank card processing policy

The acceptance of credit cards to our on line Web Store is provided by the OTP Bank Nyrt that uses a secure SSL protocol card acceptance system. When paying by bank card your request is redirected to the payment page of the OTP Bank to ensure that the payment process is directly performed by the bank, in accordance with the rules and regulations of international credit card companies, and not on the on line store's website.
The on line Web Store at no time has neither any specific information, ( i.e. card number, expiration date), nor any visibilirty with regards to the customer's bank card and associated billing specifics.
Please take your bank card! In order to use it for payment purposes you will need the following data:
Card number (On the front side of the card the raised or printed 13-19 digit number.)
Expiration date (On the front side of the card the raised or printed number with mm/yy format.
Security code ( On the back side of the card on the signature strip the last three digits of the printed number (CVV2 or CVC2). In case there is no security code on your card, please leave the space provided for this number blank in the payment window.
In our on line Web Store the following cards may be used:
MasterCard (raised numbers and letters)
Visa (raised numbers or letters)
American Express (raised numbers or letters)
Electron (numbers letters not raised). In the case of these cards it is determined by the issuing bank whether the card is intended for Internet use. In case your card is permitted for Internet use by the issuing bank, our on line Web Store will also accept it. For additional information on the terms of the card's usage please consult with the bank issuing the card.
Maestro On the OTP Bank's payment page all bank issued  Maestro cards are acceptable. The acceptance of the card has only one condition that the issuing bank will stand behind promoting the Maestro card's use for Internet transactions. Please consult with your bank!
In order to further increase the security of the bank card paying process the OTP bank instituted the Verified by Visa/Mastercard Secure Code (VbV/MSC) service. This means that the card issuing bank provides the card user with an additional security question, which is authenticated during the transaction, and identifies the person using the card without any ambiguity.
In case the bank issuing your credit card does not provide the VbV/MSC service, or that service was not requested by you, the payment procedure is not affected.
In case the bank provides the VbV/MSC service and the customer takes advantage said service, the payment procedure is affected.
Your Bank Card data (card number, expiration date, security code) still have to be provided on the OTP bank's payment page. Following this the bank will automatically redirect your transaction to the card provider's website onto the proper directory page where the authentication process will have to be ensured. After validating the proper customer identification the payment process will proceed. You will be receiving information on the outcome of your successful transaction and will be redirected to the on line Web Store's web site. In case proper identification can not be established, the pending transaction is cancelled.

Information on the international bank transfer

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