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About us

The gyogyline.hu webshop has been operating for more than five years where you can browse among more than eight thousand products to help the restoration and preservation of health. The healthshop.hu is it’s english version, at the moment with approximately 1,600 products. The product portfolio will be developed continously.

Our shop is on the website of National Institut of Pharmacy and Food (OGYÉI) in the list of pharmacies that have the exclusive rights to online pharmaceutical marketing.

"If you can find the pharmacy in the list of the pharmacies from which you want to order over the internet, you can be sure that its activity is kept under official control.

The audit includes an official source of supply of the drug, the drug handling and the skill of keeping up to date records relating thereto.

If you can not find it in the list on the website from which you want to order a medicine, it can be stated that the Hungarian company website pursues illegal drug sales and the drugs are likely false or not authorized.

These products can cause diseases, irreversible, life-threatening injuries or cause death. "


Behind the gyogyline is the Gyógyhír Pharmacy of about twenty thousand products. (www.gyogyhirpatika.hu).

This means that the gyogyline operates in the pharmacy premises, and the staff are the same as the Pharmacy’s, so our staff's expertise and experience is available for the webshop buyers.

On our Portal you can find our continuously updated product portfolio and offers .

If you become our prized regular custumer you can expect even more benefits.

If you have special needs, we can purchase the product from abroad for you.

Feel free to browse our website, we hope we can help!


If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail (gyogyline [at] gyogyline [dot] hu) or by phone!


Gyógyhír Patika

1086 Budapest, Teleki square 5.

Phone: +36-1/313-1614

Cell phone: +36-20/666-7700